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Issue 10 (87MB)
Issue 9 (65MB)
Issue 8 (71MB)
Issue 7 (37MB)
Issue 6 (23MB)
Issue 5 (25MB)
Issue 4 (25MB)
Issue 3 (36MB)
Issue 2 (26MB)
Issue 1 (26MB)
To Do List (Simple)
24/7 Timetable
Weekly Organizer
Meal Planner
Activity Stocktakeinfo
100 Challenges/1 Hour 1 Squareinfo
Don't Break the Chaininfo
Habit Tracker
Targets & Restrictions Tracker
Workout/Training Tracker
Study/Assessments Planner (Jan19-Dec19)
Cornell Notes (Note-Taking) Template
Assignment Plannerinfo
Issue 10 (4.3MB)
Issue 9 (2.5MB)
Issue 8 (7.3MB)
Issue 7 (5.7MB)
Issue 6 (7.3MB)
Emerson quoteinfo (2.7/0.76/1.1/0.64 MB)
Franklin quoteinfo (2.6/1.4/2.3/0.975 MB)
Twain quoteinfo (2.6/0.69/0.78/2.3 MB)
Hannibal quoteinfo (2.83/0.97/1/0.96 MB)

Image formats:

  • 16:9 is the most common widescreen aspect ratio used in all iMacs and most monitors.
  • 16:10 covers all MacBooks.
  • 16:12 is for iPads and other tablets.
  • 9:16 covers many mobile phones.

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