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RoadmapPlus owns all content and code on this website, in applications and in marketing material, except where expressly noted.

Content owned by RoadmapPlus is available for your non-commercial use via the Creative Commons Licence, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 AU, provided that you attribute the content to us by hyperlink (www.roadmapplus.com) and name ("Roadmap+" or "RoadmapPlus"), or where a hyperlink is not possible, by name. Specifically, "content" on this website is limited to images, text, videos and sounds. All other material is copyright protected, including our logo. If for any reason, such as media or marketing of RoadmapPlus, you require the use of copyrighted content, please contact us.

If you wish to use our content under the Creative Commons licence (as described above), please download or request the content from us, such that your use of said content is not hosted or stored by us. However, if you are sharing a page in its entirety as a URL, even for commercial use, you may do so without our express permission provided it is done so on a lawful website.

To reproduce our content within a commercial context, please contact us and include information on where (e.g. URL) the content will be published and your relationship with them (e.g. publisher, contributor to the website or blog, etc.).

Please ensure the content you are sharing is ours. Check for other noted authors, photographers or websites. This information will be available on the same page as the content. In those instances, please check with the owner of that content for copyright information.

Please note, the magazine as a PDF is excluded here, as are the applications in our suite of tools and, with the exception of third-party libraries, the code of this website. These are copyright protected under Australia's Copyright Act 1968.

Glyphicons have been used on some pages of this website.

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RoadmapPlus does not use your personally identifiable information. The only personally identifiable data we keep is your email you supplied to us if you subscribed to our newsletter. Our web host's analytics systems also store your IP address temporarily.

We will not share, distribute or sell data you have supplied to us or data within the web analytics tools. As a developer of paid applications and an online magazine containing advertising, we are not in the business of selling your personal information.

Like many websites today, we review website visitor usage, but we do not look at or keep personally identifiable data, such as your IP address. Although your IP is temporarily stored externally by the web analytics tools, we do not utilise that data. Additionally, from AEST 24 May 2018, we switched on the IP Anonymization feature of Google Analytics, which prevents your IP from being stored. Google Analytics data storage has also been limited to the minimum time offered by Google, being 14 months. Finally, we manually delete the previous month's IPs from our web host's system at the beginning of each month.

The purpose and usage of web analytics data is to gauge growth, identify markets, and improve our content, products and services. At most, we will provide a total number of website hits, page views, clickthroughs, downloads or referrers to our magazine's advertisers. These numbers will be aggregated as a total number for the page, document or link, sometimes by country, for a specific date range. Analyses are always performed on aggregated data no lower than at the country level.

Cookies are used in only two instances:

  1. to check that you acknowledge the use of cookies on the website and ensure the message is turned on or off for each visit over the next 24 hours;
  2. by Google to inform us of website usage.

Please note, the cookies message will appear even if you have turned off tracking in your browser. The following websites may be useful in describing how to browse any website privately here:

The use of social media on our site is limited to links to our social media pages at the top of each page. Share links are intentionally absent to reduce the likelihood of tracking. However, if you would like to share our content as a page in its entirety, you may do so without permission by copying the URL of the page you wish to share, then posting the URL to the social media platform of your choice. Please refer to the "Copyright" section on this page for information on sharing images, text, videos and sounds.

Our newsletter is managed using the popular third-party email marketing tool, MailChimp. In the event your subscription is affected by the tool's downtime, we are happy to work with you to resolve this. If you believe your attempt to subscribe or unsubscribe was unsuccessful, please contact us so that we can manually add or remove you from the email list. You might also be interested in subscribing to our RSS feed if you prefer not signing up with an email address.

We appreciate general concerns about privacy and aim to be transparent regarding the use of user-related data. If you have any other concerns regarding how we treat your data or website visits or wish to obtain the data we have about you, please feel free to get in touch with us or email our Data Protection Officer. Please allow 24-72 hours for a reply.

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