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Track study time, work hours, cooking sessions or just stay focused using Tisk. A browser-based timer that's user-friendly, fast and works on any device.


Tisk counts up or down and allows you to log your time for copying to Excel, email or other productivity software on your computer or smartphone. No more, no less, but free and easy to use.



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Timing tasks throughout the day can help with focus, staying on track and making progress in small steps on huge projects.


Choose an aesthetic theme that suits your mood, set a time, give it a name, listen out for the finish alert, and log your progress. Whether it's a daily routine, Pomodoro session, client work or a large assignment, tracking and keeping the time in view will show you where the day has gone, identify when and where you lose focus, and keep track of what you've achieved.

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Tisk FAQ

Can I use it in the background?
Tisk works in Chrome and Edge without issue, but may pause in Firefox or Safari if the browser tab is inactive or the screensaver is on.

Does it work offline?
Tisk can continue to work offline if you open it while online.

How can I save my logs?
Click on the icon (two pages on top of each other) above the log table, open up Excel, email or a notes app, and paste.
If you close the tab or browser, all logs and timer settings will be lost. As a free, online, no sign-up web app (page), we don't save your data or give you that option in the browser version.


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