Lifestyle & Productivity Tools
for Busy People & Students


We all have things we must do, but there are things that each of us would like to do more of and still have time spare to relax. In 2014, a small group of like-minded people who were dissatisfied with the productivity landscape and unfulfilled by their current projects, took things into their own hands and began this project on the side of work, study and other commitments.


Weekends of brainstorming and hacking sessions later, a suite of productivity apps and a a productivity web space, including a periodical PDF (inspired by Java Magazine's PDF version back then), were decided upon as the tools we needed to create to help others - and ourselves - reach a level of productivity that prevents burn out while increasing life satisfaction.


Roadmap+ is here to support you in getting all the things done, reducing stress and living the elusive balanced life.


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