New vlog and technical matters

Thursday 18 November 2021

The August vlog is now up on YouTube. With so much rain and another lockdown, we continued to stay in more and worked on the things. August was also the month that summer (winter for us) ended and the month new planners were released. If you haven't decided on a planner or bujo format yet, we wrote an article earlier this year to help decide. (But depending on your circumstances, sometimes both are necessary!)

In other news, we recently spent some time reviewing technologies we use for app development, web development and operations. We've never talked about how we do things or what we use to create, but we know it's something that interests other small startups, those learning computer science and self-learning individuals curious about what other people are doing.

As a small team, it's vital that we utilise the most efficient tools. For now, that means we have to use frameworks and languages we're most familiar with to reduce effort and time ramping up. Having said that, we have made the decision to wait for the release of .NET MAUI in 2022 as we expect the benefits will be huge given the small learning curve of Xamarin and having a background in .NET. It means we'll pretty much have one major project for an app on various platforms versus having to produce a native code solution for each device or OS.

In terms of the website and web projects, we're continuing with PHP and JavaScript, but we're slowly moving away from Bootstrap to CSS Grid. Internally, we're using Python for small tasks, including batch jobs on the website and non-DBMS reporting. Do you have a startup or tech project? Share your struggles and success with us and others on YouTube or Instagram!

Before we go, please don't forget to check out our web-based timer, Tisk. It's online and free, but best used in Chrome or Edge to ensure the screen doesn't turn off and stop the timer, a common browser issue at present. Generally, only video can continue to run in a browser, so to keep it fast and light, please use one of the two browsers or keep the tab open in a new browser (any) window. If you happen to lose the time, if you hit the big "+" button, you'll see when the timer was started, which will give you can indication of how much time has passed.

Until next time, please check out our YouTube channel or follow us on Instagram for short videos and content notifications.

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